I teach courses in public policy and gender and politics at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

In recent years I have taught the following courses on the University of Guelph campus:

  • Rights and Public Policy (POLS 6130)
  • Women, Justice, and Public Policy (POLS 4100/6180)
  • Global Gender Justice (POLS 3160)
  • Gender and Politics (POLS 2150)

I have also had the opportunity to coordinate and teach intensive format “field courses” and semester abroad programs beyond the U of G campus:

  • International Field Course in Global Justice, Peace, and Development (IDEV 3500), in Costa Rica, Summer 2019, in partnership with the University for Peace
  • Pathologies of Power: An Interdisciplinary Field Course in Global Community Engagement, in Guatemala, Summer 2015, in partnership with NGO Rights Action
  • University of Guelph Latin America Semester Abroad in Guatemala, January-April, 2013
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