Graduate Students and Post Docs

PhD Students

In Progress

Rebecca Tatham. “The gendered politics of extractive governance in Guatemala: Examining potentials for more inclusive policy and practice through women’s activisms.”

Maral Jumayeva. “The role of inter-organizational learning behavior in the battle against same-sex intimate partner violence and domestic violence.”


Ezra Karmel. (2022) “Governing Jordan: Modelling Public Policy processes in an Authoritarian Monarchy.”

Gloria Novovic. (2021) “Negotiating Gender Equality: Mainstreaming Gender in Global Governance Policy Translation.”

Ebenezer Bossman Agyei (2019). “Health Care, Citizenship, and Policy Intervention in Ghana: An Agenda for Change.”

Surma Das (2016). “The Politics of Normative Policy Frames of Development: Implications of Human Rights Framing of Maternal Health for Advancing Reproductive Justice, A Case Study of India.”


Jacqueline Potvin (2020-22). PhD University of Western Ontario, Women’s Studies and Feminist Research. “Reproductive Rights and Justice in Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy.”

Lindsay Larios (2020-21). PhD Concordia University, Political Science. “The Politics of Birth Work for Uninsured Migrants: Working at the Nexus of Birth and Migrant Justice.”

Raquel Drovetta (2017-18). PhD Universidad de Buenos Aires. “Practices and Discourses Associated with Reproduction. A Study on the Movements for a Humanized Birth in Argentina and Canada.”

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